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A registered charity established 1985 - No. 702851

Liverpool, UK

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Since 2013, it's been obligatory that all 16-19 year olds remain in education, training or work. At Riverside Learning and Education Centre, our Key 2 Apprenticeships (K2A) course will help you to reach your goals at this important time in your life.

Whilst in training on K2A, your family's benefits will not be effected.

With Riverside Learning and Education Centre you can look forward to a brighter future.


We're proud to boast small class sizes, often working 1 to 1 with students, so if you'd like to improve your prospects speak to us today.

We can help you break the cycle of

"No work = No experience".

Using our links with employers

  • Qualifications

  • Work experience

  • Maths and English qualifications

  • Employment

  • Life skills

Call our specialists for any enquiries.

Brighten your future

K2A will help you with

Not only will completing a K2A programme with us help improve your confidence and learn a skill, but it will also help improve your employability by gaining a work track record.

Take a step forward in your working life, contact us today.

Increase your employability

Maths and English support available as part of courses:

Practice your Maths at Family maths or at BBC Skillwise